The same old same old is delicious

If you don’t know much about raw food you might think it is a dull and limited way to eat but that’s not my experience now that I have a few combinations, prep methods and recipes up my sleeve.

For a start, salad veggies have such a freshness to them that they taste good even if you had the same ones the day before. A squeeze of lemon and some really good quality cold pressed olive oil, preferably organic, and you already have the makings of a good meal, again. Stir up a substantial dressing with some raw nut butter and you have something rich and filling. Whiz up a pesto and stir it into some raw courgette pasta and that’s your Italian taste buds happy, again.Roll up sheets of nori seaweed with your own home grown alfalfa and lentil sprouts and some avocado, dip in a mixture of wasabi paste and tamari soy sauce and you’ll have happy people around your table.

Simple – and you don’t have to cook anything! I repeat, you don’t have to cook anything!