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I spent three weeks in the Life Transformation Programme at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 2008 and it was a fantastic experience on so many levels. I arrived with high hopes but a certain protective layer of cynicism. Not only did the layers of cynicism peel away as my inner experiences and the science we were taught fitted together, but layers of exhaustion and vague lack of wellness that I had come to accept as normal peeled away too. Yes it cost money, yes it was a long way to travel from the UK but, yes, it was worth every single dollar.

Energy for Life

For me, the foundation was the mixture of having the wonderful food buffets and the green juices provided and getting into the habit of juicing wheatgrass daily. That gave me the nourishment for detoxing and having energy for life at the same time: it was not a punishing regimen.

Having food and juices provided also gave me time to attend lectures and learn, to enjoy the pools and sauna, to benefit from a variety of therapies, to wander around amongst exotic greenery and flowers thinking my own thoughts and to spend time with my fellow guests, who were wonderful friendly people from so many different places and walks of life.

Delicious food at Hipprocrates Health Institute

Whether you are working out how to heal yourself from serious illness, preparing for sporting events or wanting to take time to rest, learn and find a new benchmark of wellbeing, I wholeheartedly recommend the three-week Life Transformation programme.

I did this programme in 2008 and the benefits have stayed with me. I know much more about staying well and know from experience that my energy levels are in my control.

Training as Hippocrates Health Educator

If you want, as I did, to train as a Hippocrates Health Educator you can carry on straight away after the Life Transformation Programme for the six weeks Health Educator training, or you can come back to it when you are ready. The Health Educator programme offers so many possibilities for deepening and widening your understanding of natural healing and wellness. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have since been back as a guest teacher.

Either way, to be a Hippocrates Health Educator you need to go on the Life Transformation Programme first and to experience things from the point of view of evolving your own wellbeing, as well as for helping others in the future.

I help people directly with raw and living food and wellness, and I very much want to encourage people to go to Florida for the Life Transformation Programme. I had such a positive experience that I’m enthusiastic about spreading the word!

$100 Gift Tokens for the Oasis Therapy Centre

In fact, I would like to make your stay even more special by offering you gift tokens worth $100 to spend at the Oasis Therapy Centre during your stay. Some helpful treatments and therapies are included in your programme, but it is highly likely that you’ll be interested in more once you find out what is on offer.

Let me know when you book to go to Hippocrates for the Life Change Programme, so that I can send you your tokens without delay. And, if you have questions about the Institute and/or the programme please do get in touch and we can talk, email judy [at] judy-barber.com

Find out more at the Hippocrates Health Institute website and then get in touch for your tokens when you book!



I would like to make your stay at Hippocrates even more powerful and life-changing for you by offering you a pre-visit Preparation session and upon your return, a further Coaching Session to help you embed what you have learned.

Do get in touch with me once you have booked your stay at the Institute or if you have any questions about your visit.

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