Juicing Equipment

Sara asks about juicing equipment, and here are my first thoughts: Juicing, that is juicing green vegetables, is so important that my first suggestion is that you dig out or borrow whatever juicing equipment  you can lay your hands on RIGHT NOW, and start juicing RIGHT NOW. Basically, there are three types of juicer, centrifugal, single auger and twin auger. Centrifugal are the cheapest and most common. Having said that, some of them are quite pricey, especially considering that because they spin things quite fast they can heat the juice too much, and also considering that the spinning whips rather […] Read more »

Simple Stir-Raw – An easy raw meal for one, or two, or however many

A mistake many people eating mainly or all raw vegan food make is not eating enough – what a nice problem, making sure you eat plenty! That’s partly because of the high water content in raw veggies. It is good quality water but you have to pile your plate high. That doesn’t apply to nuts and seeds etc, which are very concentrated food even when starting to sprout. And what if you are going to be home late, not sure if you have the energy to chop things and don’t have good raw foods lined up waiting for you?  Try […] Read more »

Can I have a beer on it?

Thank you for this question Anna. Of course you can have a beer. Supermarkets, small shops, pubs, wine bars and restaurants will be happy to oblige, and your friends may urge you to have a beer too. The more you socialise the more likely you are to be in the presence of alcoholic drinks. Who makes the choices? You? Habit? Convention? Social pressure? Expectation? Your taste buds? Your thirst? I don’t know if there are beers on sale that have not been heat-treated, but I wonder whether you should avoid  home brew that has not finished brewing and still contains […] Read more »

Is there a half-way plan using the most beneficial raw foods alongside others? Part Two

I kept on thinking about this topic after I had written my response to Sheryl’s question. For many people, eating at least some raw food, more than they have been eating on a more conventional cooked diet, is a big step and if this is you then here is a half way plan. This plan is a list of suggestions that will help you towards a half way raw routine that feels right to you: a) Have salads as a large part of every meal b) When you make a stir-fry, leave the thinly sliced vegetables raw and stir them […] Read more »

Coriander (Cilantro) and Walnut Pesto

On Saturday I came home with a very large bunch of organic coriander from the farmers’ market – for sixty pence. Who says organics are too expensive? When you hunt around and work with the seasons organics need not be. Faced with my bunch of coriander and a jar of walnuts this was what evolved. It’s exactly like a regular pesto in that it has ground nuts, oil and ground herbs and is a yummy paste to mix through something bland. It is quick to make and delicious over pasta, perhaps regular pasta or, better, wheat free pasta if you […] Read more »