This beautiful book

is packed with simple everyday recipes and special treats that taste fantastic…

Good Raw Food Recipes

from Judy Barber can turn your life around.  These delightful recipes taste Good and do you Good – and you do not have to cook them!

How would you like to…

  • Have more energy from morning to night?
  • Boost your mental and emotional clarity?
  • Feel and look better, with more vitality?
  • Recover faster and enjoy reliable wellness?
  • Reach your ideal weight without going hungry?

Inside you will discover new sauces, savouries, crackers, breads, cakes, desserts, juices, smoothies, salads and even warm soups.  This way of eating provides abundant protein, vitamins and minerals, saves your digestive system hard work and gives you more energy for getting well and getting on with life. Even if you thought you would never like raw food there is something for you, and food all the family will enjoy.

With this book at hand you will…

  • Appreciate a bountiful array of fresh vegetables
  • Reduce or avoid sugar and still enjoy sweet tastes
  • Prepare meals and party dishes that nourish and delight
  • Tap into the benefits of living sprouts and other really super foods
  • Benefit from wholeseome nuts, seeds, sea vegetables and fermented food





Delicious food at Hipprocrates Health InstituteHippocrates Health Institute

I learned so much during my Life Transformation Programme at the Hippocrates Health Institute and reached a new benchmark of wellness, and so I would love to  help you to prepare for your visit and can offer some complementary telephone and email support before, during and after your stay.

In addition, I can arrange free tokens for wellness treatments during your stay.

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