Free greens!

It’s good to use fresh ingredients found close to home, including wild foods. My favourite is stinging nettles. I juice them, blend them into sauces, pestos and spreads and also dehydrate them. Nettles can be picked through most of the year and there are some around still in early December, at least till frosts arrive. Pick the shorter stems growing 8-10 inches high, but not much more, or tops, but avoid stems that are forming buds, flowers or seeds. According to Dr Brian Clement you can sprout the seeds and they are highly nutritious, but I have not succeeded at […] Read more »

A Tip for Choosing Ways to Heal Naturally

Once you embrace the glorious possibilities of natural healing, whether through herbs, good food, massage, yoga, life coaching or any offerings from a huge array of natural therapies, products and techniques then you have choices – many choices! How can you choose wisely? It can be a process of trial and error or success, and over time we can learn what is right for us. We can go on personal recommendation. We can read up on facts. Have you ever come across ‘muscle-testing’? It taps into the muscular system as a way of accessing the body’s own intelligence, as I […] Read more »