Strawberry Mousse

This is a light mousse with no dairy, just strawberries, the magical creamy thickening ingredient avocado, and perhaps something to add sweetness. As with any fruit dish, it will only be as good as the quality of fruit used. This  dessert is delicious made with very ripe flavourful strawberries and if you can find some ripe wild strawberries do add them for another dimension of flavour. If you use stevia herb extract, make sure it is pure and not mixed with other questionable sweeteners or fillers. See Good raw recipes for more about stevia and other sweet ingredients. Serves 4 if you serve along with further strawberries.

2 cups chopped ripe organic strawberries

1 medium avocado

optional: I tablespoon raw honey or pure stevia essence to taste

More whole well-shaped ripe strawberries

Blend the strawberries to a puree. Add the avocado and honey or a very little stevia and blend again briefly  into a smooth mousse . Taste for sweetness and add more honey or stevia essence to taste if you wish. Serve with more strawberries. This is best served at room temperature to make the most of the subtle strawberry and honey tastes.