How strict should you be about what you eat?

A very good friend of mine was the well known New Zealand Naturopath John Carter. He helped me along the path to wellness. Much of what he suggested and said has stayed with me.

Having set me up with a diet of helpful alkaline vegetarian foods he said that if I stuck to the diet six days a week I could eat what I liked on the seventh day. I did that and over time I did get well.

That was only a rough guide to help me to feel I would make progress and get well even if I was not super-strict. If it stops you from being a complete pain to yourself by being too strict, or, conversely, helps you to stay on your chosen food path then it is a helpful rule.

In fact everything you eat affects your well being and state of mind – so there is no seventh day on which what you eat does not count! It all counts, but on any journey you have to start from where you are now. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to learn fast and to make seismic changes straight away, or to take your time and to weave new raw recipes into your existing eating patterns, or of course to do anything in between.

Assembling raw tacos

The only person who can fully answer the title question is YOU!  You know what your wellness challenges and goals are. Whatever you do, you can only do it one meal, one juice and one day at a time.

… and one recipe at a time 😉