Can I have a beer on it?

Thank you for this question Anna.

Of course you can have a beer. Supermarkets, small shops, pubs, wine bars and restaurants will be happy to oblige, and your friends may urge you to have a beer too. The more you socialise the more likely you are to be in the presence of alcoholic drinks. Who makes the choices? You? Habit? Convention? Social pressure? Expectation? Your taste buds? Your thirst?

I don’t know if there are beers on sale that have not been heat-treated, but I wonder whether you should avoid  home brew that has not finished brewing and still contains live yeast, especially if you suffer from candida? Ask someone about brewing if that is what you meant in your question.

The big topic with beer, wine, spirits, sake, cider…and all the alcoholic drinks, is not their rawness or otherwise but the alcohol. Alcohol is not a sugar, but in the body it forms sugar and causes the same kinds of issues as sugar, as well as some of its very own. More and more people are waking up to the dangers of sugar and to why we might be better off avoiding it. Having told you that alcohol acts as sugar in the body I’ll leave you to make up your mind about how much alcohol you want to take.

Then there’s the fact that alcohol is poisonous and addictive. There is a fine line between social drinking and addictive drinking, and many cross it, sometimes unwittingly.

Alcohol tends to skew body chemistry in an acidic direction, as does sugar. In the west the standard kinds of diet tend to be far too acidic and a high-raw diet can help to restore the balance.

My short answer is that of course you can have a beer.

You can do what you like, but when you drink beers you may be undoing some of the good you are doing to your body with all your raw green juices, salads and lovingly prepared raw dishes.