Why Raw?

Thank you Martin for this question that is as important as it is brief!

The brief answer is that there is more life force in it.

From the point of view of how I and many others, experience life when eating plenty of raw food (raw vegan food that is – not raw meat, which I would not fancy) is that I have a stronger life force, more energy, greater resilience and more of a spring in my step. It’s those kinds of expression that point to the experience. On raw food I am more likely to run up the stairs, to find myself singing and to keep going through the day and evening with less tiredness or low energy patches.

Of course there is more to it from an objective point of view and the experiences of the many many people who have lived this way for years, run marathons, made recoveries from serious illness, ignored their chronological ages and thoroughly enjoyed their lives bear out the value of raw foods.

Do read more about ‘why’ in the book, and then, to really find the answer, try the recipes, increase the amount of raw food that you eat and notice how you feel.