Why raw food is not boring

Depending on what food you are used to eating, living on mainly or all raw food might look odd and rather limiting, but once you try some well-made raw veggie dishes and/or get the hang of making them yourself then things may look, or rather taste, very different. I think this is for two reasons.

Number one is that there are so many fantastic raw ingredients and interesting – but usually simple – ways to prepare them that you need never settle for the same old same old. The scope of modern raw vegan food goes way beyond the traditional salad.

Number two is that the food is fresh! I wonder whether our search for novelty – and look at how many different boxes of stuff there are in supermarkets if you want to know what I mean by novelty – is in part a natural search for the right nutrition which we find in fresh food. When biting into a fresh organic peach or enjoying a delicious fresh salad with an exquisite raw dressing we instantly receive good nutrition and soon stop feeling hungry. I think that’s also why people get greedy with commercial pizza, for example. There may be less nutrition so that the body keeps up the search. Fresh fruit and vegetables taste interesting even if they aren’t that different from yesterday’s food. Perhaps freshness is really what we are looking for when we look for novelty.

Grated beetroot in a tasty dressing, surrounded with finely sliced beetroot leaves