The wellness ‘coin’

The ‘coin’ of wellness has two sides.

One side is the physical aspects of how you use your body through exercise, food, breathing, pacing your life in a manageable way and making the best of the physical environment.

The other side is the emotional and spiritual aspects of how happy and in integrity you let yourself be. That side could be the ruler’s head perhaps, while the reverse that shows monetary value could be the physical side of what you have in life.

We have to work with both sides of the coin, sometimes putting 100% of our attention on one side and sometimes 100% on the other.

This book is all about the physical side, the good fuel food that supports your life, giving you strength, energy  and wellbeing.

But isn’t it about the emotional/spiritual side too? Too right. Food that satisfies and brings pleasure to you and those in your life really is ‘soul food’

Spin your wellness coin and whichever way it falls these recipes can be just what you need.