Simple Stir-Raw – An easy raw meal for one, or two, or however many

A mistake many people eating mainly or all raw vegan food make is not eating enough – what a nice problem, making sure you eat plenty! That’s partly because of the high water content in raw veggies. It is good quality water but you have to pile your plate high. That doesn’t apply to nuts and seeds etc, which are very concentrated food even when starting to sprout. And what if you are going to be home late, not sure if you have the energy to chop things and don’t have good raw foods lined up waiting for you?  Try this:

Simple Stir – Raw

*A whole bag of very fresh sliced vegetables for stir-frying per person, not that you are going to fry them.

*A heaped tablespoon or two of hulled hemp seeds or lightly crushed sesame seeds

*A sauce made blending together (per person): a peeled garlic clove, a Brazil nut sized piece of fresh ginger, two tablespoons cold pressed hemp or sesame oil, two tablespoons filtered water and a splash of tamari soya sauce.

The ideal bag of veggies would be organic, but for an occasional meal in a hurry I wouldn’t be worrying myself. I’d pick a bag including plenty of Chinese bean sprouts and red rather than green peppers – they are riper and hence kinder to the system.

Blend up your sauce ingredients and season further to taste with other spices as you wish. If you like it sweet, try adding a tiny pinch or drop of pure stevia extract.

Put the sliced vegetables in a large bowl, stir in the sauce, sprinkle the seeds over the top and enjoy.

This is the kind of meal that can wake up your taste buds and wake you up to the possibilities of very easy raw food meals.