Offering Raw Talks

Well, the talk on Saturday seemed to go down well and everyone signed up for my newsletter, which I should be writing soon. People had many questions and we could have continued much longer I feel. People loved the food I brought, all made from recipes in the book

Are you involved with folk who might be interested in hearing about raw food? This year and at the start of 2013 I am happy to come and talk for free, only asking for travel and, if necessary, accommodation costs and to be able to offer my wares – the books, and food when appropriate.

Contact me to discussĀ  where/when/who and what topics your people would be interested in. When possible I’ll arrange other talks in the same part of the country to keep costs down. Country? Well, if you are in Britain that is, and if you are elsewhere in the world then send me the fare and I’ll pack my bags, adjust my psyche for adventure and be there – again arranging other things to bring the costs down.

I love standing up, sharing what I know and inspiring people. Looking forward to seeing you!