Juicing Equipment

Sara asks about juicing equipment, and here are my first thoughts:

Juicing, that is juicing green vegetables, is so important that my first suggestion is that you dig out or borrow whatever juicing equipment  you can lay your hands on RIGHT NOW, and start juicing RIGHT NOW.

Basically, there are three types of juicer, centrifugal, single auger and twin auger.

Centrifugal are the cheapest and most common. Having said that, some of them are quite pricey, especially considering that because they spin things quite fast they can heat the juice too much, and also considering that the spinning whips rather a lot of air through the juice so that it starts oxidising. The oxidising reaction that you want to have happen inside you starts happening outside of you and you waste some of the benefits.

Better by miles are auger or screw-type juicers.

Single auger juicers are simpler to set up and to dismantle and clean. For some people that means they actually get them out of the cupboard and use them on a regular basis.

Twin auger juicers do a better job of grinding everything of value out of the green vegetables, which makes up for the higher initial cost over time.

Which veggies? which juicer brands? More about juicing – all in the book 😉