Is there a half-way plan using the most beneficial raw foods alongside others?

Thank you for your question Sheryl. I have been thinking about what a half-way plan might mean. If you want to get from Lands End to John O’Groats then, as the crow flies, just north of Leeds would be half way. I’m teasing a little, but making a serious point – that it depends on where you are and where you want to get to. Is half way far enough?

If I were a doctor prescribing two tablets a day and you took only one, you would probably not expect to get the same results. However I am not a doctor and I don’t give out raw food prescriptions. Every person is individual and how you feel, how much energy you want and what healing you want to do is also very individual.

You are on the right track Sheryl in thinking about which raw foods might be most beneficial. Even if you go 100% raw, which suits some people, it might not be that healthy a pathway if you don’t find out about the different groups of raw foods and the specific raw foods that are most beneficial. I write about raw food ingredients in the book and about the benefits of different percentages of raw.

It really is up to you and the point of a recipe book is that you make individual dishes and can then start to string them together into a raw or high-raw way of eating that works for you.

I’m sure you don’t mean regularly living on a combination of beneficial raw foods and conventional junk food because that would be counter-productive! I’m not sure what ‘other’ foods you mean though. I’ll write another post soon touching on which cooked foods you might want to choose over other cooked foods.

I hope this helps. Meanwhile, the more big green salads you can include in your summer menus the better!