Is there a half-way plan using the most beneficial raw foods alongside others? Part Two

I kept on thinking about this topic after I had written my response to Sheryl’s question.

For many people, eating at least some raw food, more than they have been eating on a more conventional cooked diet, is a big step and if this is you then here is a half way plan.

This plan is a list of suggestions that will help you towards a half way raw routine that feels right to you:

a) Have salads as a large part of every meal

b) When you make a stir-fry, leave the thinly sliced vegetables raw and stir them into the sauce etc at the last moment

c) Soak your nuts and seeds so that they are easier to digest and have a livelier nutritional profile

d) Buy RAW nut and seed butters and RAW tahini from a good health shop and use instead of butter, margarine and peanut butter

e) Use lettuce leaves and cabbage leaves as wraps instead of bread

f) Use lemon juice instead of vinegar in dressings

g) Buy ‘Good Raw Food Recipes‘ and try out different dishes to increase your raw repertoire. You knew I would say that 😉 I write about the most beneficial raw foods there too.