How can you manage to eat well enough to stay well when there is much too much going on?

To be honest, that’s been my challenge in the last couple of months. I have been packing up and moving home, doing Christmas, developing and doing my work and getting things organised in my new home.

At least I now have my shelves up for growing young greens and wheatgrass in trays inside, but I still have to get organised again with bags of compost and a crops coming ready every few days. It’s a good meditation, but I’ve been more in need of more restful types of meditation up till now.

But, I did keep up with wheatgrass all the time by taking the powder once,and ideally twice a day and I’ve been eating a great deal of greens in the form of kale, celery and cucumber juice, plenty of bags of organic salad leaves straight from local growers and more bags from the supermarket in between. Almost all the time I’ve been managing to have plenty of little sprouts, lentils, alfalfa and the like grown in jars on the draining board, augmented with bought sprouts when it was all too much.

Did I eat cooked foods? Yes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Has that spoiled things in any way? I’ve probably had less energy than I would have had with ideal meals and without snacking on what was to hand when my focus had to be entirely on the move, but good raw food dishes are so good that it’s easy to get back into the best of habits now that things have settled down.

So here’s a tip for you from my recent experience:

1) Do the best you can while you are hurtling around in an exceptionally busy time and then get back on track with what you know suits your system best as soon as you can.

Oh, and another thing, which I didn’t do so I know it works not to do it:

2) Don’t be hard on yourself when things aren’t perfect.

Save your emotional strength for settling back into being enthusiastic about making fantastic delicious imaginative raw meals which lead to more energy and feeling good. Bon appetit!