Hatching a book

Good Raw Food Recipes is being hatched as I write and I am ready to tell the world about it! It is a bit like holding a cracking chrysalis in the middle of a building site because the architecture of the website is being created right now while the book-butterfly is about to emerge.

I am taking a break from measuring precisely and testing for the recipes and my creative tastebuds are hankering after new experiences. Further books beckon from the horizon already but as I sit here in a cafe oasis waiting for my salad they are not important, yet.

Here I want to tell you about this brand new recipe book, in which you will find enough recipes and creative possibilities to keep you going for quite some time. You will be able to explore what is behind this helpful way of eating, in between feasting your eyes on food pictures and stirring things up in the kitchen.

Keep coming back for more photos and recipes.

Do post your questions and comments. I’d like to get to know you and your challenges, and to give you sign posts on your tasty raw journey.