Meals without recipes

Usually I have various dips,sauces,tasty left overs, dehydrated crackers etc that make a starting point for a complete quick meal, but raw food meals can be delicious when you just grab what is at hand and put things on the plates. Such as: *green salad veg straight from a salad bag or from your garden *home grown sprouts such as lentils, mung and alfalfa *slices of perfectly ripe avocado *slices of sweet red pepper *a few olives *a squeeze of fresh lemon juice *cold pressed hemp or olive oil *pieces of dried dulse seaweed, perhaps softened in a little water […] Read more »

How can you manage to eat well enough to stay well when there is much too much going on?

To be honest, that’s been my challenge in the last couple of months. I have been packing up and moving home, doing Christmas, developing and doing my work and getting things organised in my new home. At least I now have my shelves up for growing young greens and wheatgrass in trays inside, but I still have to get organised again with bags of compost and a crops coming ready every few days. It’s a good meditation, but I’ve been more in need of more restful types of meditation up till now. But, I did keep up with wheatgrass all […] Read more »

Raw food on days with snow and raw winds

Can you really, should you really, eat 100% raw food when the weather is as it is right now in Britain, that is, icy cold and snowy? I don’t worry about percentages myself because I don’t want to set up an expectation of myself and to make what I eat into pass/fail, but since my fingers are getting a bit chilly here at my desk – even though I have central heating – I’ll go and rustle up a raw lunch that is warming and add the recipe here straight after lunch. Read more »

The Wild Food Cafe

Someone told me about this one a few days ago and now I can’t wait to find a few excuses to go to London and visit them. I’ve Googled their site and they are up to all sorts of things. It looks really interesting. I’ll report back as soon as I’ve managed to get there. It’s an indication of just how fast the raw food movement is developing. Why? Novelty value and great tastes of course, but so many are finding that eating plenty of raw food significantly changes how they feel – wellness, resilience, strength, energy … all those […] Read more »

Raw eateries are sprouting up.

I found out about 42 degrees – Burlington Gardens off Regent Street in London and went there for a light lunch with my sister. Light it was, small but beautifully presented dishes. I had a pot noodle-type pot of Thai noodles made from, as far as I remember,  raw courgette and carrot noodles and lightly but brightly seasoned with Thai tastes. My  sister had her first raw lasagne and was very pleasantly surprised. I had lovely fresh lemon and ginger tea, heated above 42 degrees of course as all teas are, but very good. Most raw foodies, including me allow […] Read more »

Events before Christmas

Friday September 28th Raw food tasting and book signing in the Natural Grocery Store, Cheltenham, during the day Saturday October 6th 7.30pm Raw Food Tapas evening, live music, a talk and book signing at Star Anise Cafe, Gloucester Street, Stroud  limited seating, early booking with Star Anise Cafe advised, 01453 840021 Thursday October 11th  11.00 – 3.00 Small Hands-on workshop in Stroud  ‘Delicious Raw Food for Energy and Wellness’ Private house, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Limited numbers, email Judy to book in asap.. Saturday October 20th  10.00-5.30 Tree of Life Festival – Inspiration, Wellbeing and Vitality – book signing table, hopefully with […] Read more »