Coriander (Cilantro) and Walnut Pesto

On Saturday I came home with a very large bunch of organic coriander from the farmers’ market – for sixty pence. Who says organics are too expensive? When you hunt around and work with the seasons organics need not be. Faced with my bunch of coriander and a jar of walnuts this was what evolved. It’s exactly like a regular pesto in that it has ground nuts, oil and ground herbs and is a yummy paste to mix through something bland. It is quick to make and delicious over pasta, perhaps regular pasta or, better, wheat free pasta if you […] Read more »

Spicy Red Coleslaw

Spicy Red Coleslaw garnished with finely chopped young beetroot leaves

A brightly coloured and warming salad with ‘bright’ spicy tastes. Make it as  warm or hot as you like with pinches of cayenne pepper. Beetroots at the farmers’ market come in bunches at the moment with their fresh crunchy young leaves. I chopped up a few of the smaller leaves with their stalks as a garnish as you can see, but you could chop some leaves and stalks quite finely and make a whole salad out of them, as you would with lettuce. The coleslaw keeps well in the fridge and is good to have along with green salads and […] Read more »

Strawberry Mousse

A summer treat

This is a light mousse with no dairy, just strawberries, the magical creamy thickening ingredient avocado, and perhaps something to add sweetness. As with any fruit dish, it will only be as good as the quality of fruit used. This  dessert is delicious made with very ripe flavourful strawberries and if you can find some ripe wild strawberries do add them for another dimension of flavour. If you use stevia herb extract, make sure it is pure and not mixed with other questionable sweeteners or fillers. See Good raw recipes for more about stevia and other sweet ingredients. Serves 4 […] Read more »