Is there a half-way plan using the most beneficial raw foods alongside others?

Thank you for your question Sheryl. I have been thinking about what a half-way plan might mean. If you want to get from Lands End to John O’Groats then, as the crow flies, just north of Leeds would be half way. I’m teasing a little, but making a serious point – that it depends on where you are and where you want to get to. Is half way far enough? If I were a doctor prescribing two tablets a day and you took only one, you would probably not expect to get the same results. However I am not a […] Read more »

How strict should you be about what you eat?

Assembling raw tacos

A very good friend of mine was the well known New Zealand Naturopath John Carter. He helped me along the path to wellness. Much of what he suggested and said has stayed with me. Having set me up with a diet of helpful alkaline vegetarian foods he said that if I stuck to the diet six days a week I could eat what I liked on the seventh day. I did that and over time I did get well. That was only a rough guide to help me to feel I would make progress and get well even if I […] Read more »

The wellness ‘coin’

The ‘coin’ of wellness has two sides. One side is the physical aspects of how you use your body through exercise, food, breathing, pacing your life in a manageable way and making the best of the physical environment. The other side is the emotional and spiritual aspects of how happy and in integrity you let yourself be. That side could be the ruler’s head perhaps, while the reverse that shows monetary value could be the physical side of what you have in life. We have to work with both sides of the coin, sometimes putting 100% of our attention on […] Read more »

Hatching a book

Good Raw Food Recipes is being hatched as I write and I am ready to tell the world about it! It is a bit like holding a cracking chrysalis in the middle of a building site because the architecture of the website is being created right now while the book-butterfly is about to emerge. I am taking a break from measuring precisely and testing for the recipes and my creative tastebuds are hankering after new experiences. Further books beckon from the horizon already but as I sit here in a cafe oasis waiting for my salad they are not important, […] Read more »