Free greens!

It’s good to use fresh ingredients found close to home, including wild foods. My favourite is stinging nettles. I juice them, blend them into sauces, pestos and spreads and also dehydrate them. Nettles can be picked through most of the year and there are some around still in early December, at least till frosts arrive. Pick the shorter stems growing 8-10 inches high, but not much more, or tops, but avoid stems that are forming buds, flowers or seeds. According to Dr Brian Clement you can sprout the seeds and they are highly nutritious, but I have not succeeded at […] Read more »

A Tip for Choosing Ways to Heal Naturally

Once you embrace the glorious possibilities of natural healing, whether through herbs, good food, massage, yoga, life coaching or any offerings from a huge array of natural therapies, products and techniques then you have choices – many choices! How can you choose wisely? It can be a process of trial and error or success, and over time we can learn what is right for us. We can go on personal recommendation. We can read up on facts. Have you ever come across ‘muscle-testing’? It taps into the muscular system as a way of accessing the body’s own intelligence, as I […] Read more »

Blendtec Blender

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very happy with my trusty Vitamix which I bought on ebay five years ago and which is now living out a somewhat slower life in retirement with my daughter. BUT! I am now the proud owner of a new white Blendtec blender and it’s been love from the first twirl. It looks great, is easy to use and, joy of joys, it fits under the cupboards on the kitchen counter even with the big ‘Wildside’ jug in place and ready for use. It has a good selection of timed speed cycles so is very […] Read more »

The same old same old is delicious

If you don’t know much about raw food you might think it is a dull and limited way to eat but that’s not my experience now that I have a few combinations, prep methods and recipes up my sleeve. For a start, salad veggies have such a freshness to them that they taste good even if you had the same ones the day before. A squeeze of lemon and some really good quality cold pressed olive oil, preferably organic, and you already have the makings of a good meal, again. Stir up a substantial dressing with some raw nut butter […] Read more »

Low salt seasonings – four tips for seasoning your food with less salt

Salt, in large quantities, is not good for us. It messes up body chemistry by changing the ratio of salts to water. But it does taste good, and some is needed. Tastebuds get very used to lots of salt in bags of crisps and other snacks and often in ready meals. What do you do to wean your self off using a lot of salt? Here are my four tips. 1) Use tamari soy sauce in very small quantities, not in the raw dish itself but as a seasoning to have on the table, ideally in a spray so that […] Read more »

Five tips for managing your raw food diet from day to day

Here goes: 1) Don’t think of it as a ‘diet’, more as a way of eating with unlimited potential for interesting tastes and textures….and wellbeing. Diets tend to be things that people tend to do strictly for a while and then give up. It doesn’t have to be that way because there are so many raw choices and you don’t have to worry about counting calories. 2) Have good raw ingredients to hand. I make plenty of suggestions in Good Raw Food Recipes, but for a start, with a jar of raw nut butter or tahini in the fridge, organic […] Read more »